Our Chefs:

Giovanni Marzo

My passion for cooking dates to my early childhood, when I spent countless hours watching my grandmother cook in a family-owned restaurant and dreamt about cooking those same dishes: it was my initiation to Italian cuisine and the beginning of my exciting culinary journey.

After my first seasonal job in Sardinia, I moved to London, U.K., where I was hired in a one-star Michelin restaurant first, and then at the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant. I was 19. Those months were deeply formative and provided me with necessary skills to thrive in top-class restaurants, where real masters are forged.

While still in London, I received the opportunity to advance my craft in Switzerland and learn the fundamentals of fusion cuisine. And there I was, chasing my dream: I hopped on a plane and moved to Melide to work in a restaurant where Mediterranean and Asiatic flavors embraced and blossomed into novel, exquisite dishes.

And yet, it was only during the following work experience, and thanks to the teachings of my most influential mentor that I achieved culinary excellence.

Working side to side with my teacher – Susanne Pfister – in a boutique restaurant that showcased new dishes on daily basis, I was initiated to the concept of ‘sustainable cuisine’, which focused on buying local and minimizing waste thorough a full use of each product. As a result of my team’s work, the restaurant went from 0 to 14/20 Guilt Millau points within as little as 12 months: a great accomplishment for all of us. During the same period, the magazine Salz und Pfeffer featured me in their “Talent Section” as one on the most promising chefs under-30 in Zurich.

And yet, I wasn’t satisfied: I craved for more growth and challenges. I knew that a well-rounded chef must speak proficiently both the language of ‘salty’ and ‘sweet’ dishes. Therefore, a new opportunity was on the search. After a brief parenthesis in another starred Michelin restaurant, I was hired in the most iconic private club in Switzerland, the “Club zur Geduld” (Winterthur) where learned the art of patisserie and the secrets of molecular cuisine.

The recognition for my passion and dedication came shortly after, when I obtained my first position as “kitchen head-chef” in Zürcher Oberland, at age 26.

Currently, I offer my service as a private chef for an aristocratic family in the South of Germany and continue to perfect my art while chasing the dream of becoming a world-renowned chef.

Giovanni Marzo