Our Concept

In ancient Greece, a symposium was a ritual where people gathered and, in the name of the gods, entertained lofty conversations while sharing delicious food and libations. Often, there would be music, acting, and other artistic expressions to grant a lush, dense, and wholesome experience.
A symposium, therefore, encompassed the body and the mind, the flesh and the spirit, an event that celebrated the human being in its entirety.

This celebration continued under the Romans and was renamed convivium or commisatio.

In this magnificent, lost tradition, we seek inspiration for our culinary art, in hopes of its novel – and much needed – rekindling. At Commisatio, we showcase international, top-notch chefs who are keen to share the wonders of Mediterranean cuisine with the rest of the world. With ever-changing, original, and exciting textures and smells, we create culinary journeys that stimulate the 5 senses and allow a shift toward a higher understanding and enjoyment of food.

We take to heart the entire process, from the production of the basic ingredients to their delivery to your table, and use organic or demeter products exclusively.